The company Dekor Tuscany Porrena, based in the province of Arezzo, is the reference point for the sale of paintings, mirrors, picture frames and objet d'art



Manufacture and sales of furnishings

From Dekor Toscana, many modern and classical art products

The company Dekor Tuscany at Porrena, in Arezzo, is active in the field of sales of furnishings, with offers full of unique products that can be adapted to all living environments.

The Tuscan company employs innovative production methods that are integrated perfectly with processing steps, as well as manual and artisan finishes.

Since 1980, it has always manufactured paintings, mirrors, clocks and furnishings in both the classic and modern styles.

The artisans at Dekor Toscana carry on an ancient and deep-rooted woodworking tradition that has been developed in recent years, using modern equipment to support their handcrafted work.Today the company exports their own unique creations all over the world, thanks to their special designs and the care with which they have generated over 2,000 product lines.

Dekor Toscana
Dekor Toscana

Offers products that represent their thorough research on the topic of extremely high quality prints(mainly embossed and watercoloured hand reproductions), finely finished woods with only hand-cured finishes, leaf browning processesand waxing with real beeswax.

These are the keys for creating true works of art, unique pieces that have an undeniable added value, due to the meticulous care taken in their production.

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