The company Dekor Tuscany Porrena, based in the province of Arezzo, is the reference point for the sale of paintings, mirrors, picture frames and objet d'art



Sales of wall keychains in Tuscany

From Dekor Toscana - elegant products for the entire house

Sales of wall keychains in Tuscany

Among the many products marketed by Dekor Toscana in Porrena-Arezzo, there are also wall key hangers, which are crafted by hand and can inject elegance and taste to any space they are installed in.In the catalogue from the Tuscan firm are an extremely wide choice of wall key hangers, designed to adapt themselves to all environments and lifestyles.

If you have a chat with the staff at Dekor Toscanayou can find out more about the furnishing on offer, and purchase the product that is most suitable for your requirements.To take a look at what's on offer, visit to the sections of interest, and if you want to visit the e-shop and purchase an item quickly and securely, simply connect to the website .The staff at Dekor Toscana are here to give you information, prices and full details about the items on offer: get in touch via the form in the "Contacts" section of the web portal, or call them on : +33 0575 500 219.

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