The company Dekor Tuscany Porrena, based in the province of Arezzo, is the reference point for the sale of paintings, mirrors, picture frames and objet d'art


L'azienda Dekor Toscana di Porrena, in Provincia di Arezzo, è il punto di riferimento per la vendita di quadri, specchi, cornici e oggetti d'arte


Founded in 1980, the company Dekor Toscanasuccessfully operates in the sales of objet d'art and fine furnishings, offering its clients a large number of quality products to satisfy all tastes and which are elegant and refined, and manufactured by craftsman.



To view the entire catalogue for Dekor Toscana's e-shop and purchase selected products directly online, simply visit portal and you'll instantly become immersed in a world of works high quality artwork



In the portal's "Catalogue" you can discover the many products Dekor Toscana has on offer, like paintings, photographic frames, key chains, timepieces and mirrors, that will ignite your imagination for decorating and your taste for beautiful things.The best offers for any style of home



By sensitively searching for objects of the highest quality, the choice of woods used for frames, and with hand-machined finishing using unique and durable leafing processes:Dekor Toscana offers genuine works of art, truly unique pieces at very attractive prices


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By visiting Dekor Toscana's e-shop, its simple to purchase the products you want in total security and a very short space of time

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Vendita quadri Arezzo


A large number of paintings of varying sizes and types are on sale, ideal for decorating every corner of your home

Vendita specchi Arezzo


Enhancing any room will be easy with the mirrors on sale at Dekor Toscana

Vendita orologi Arezzo

Watches and Timepieces

Wall clocks, wall clocks, timepieces, and much more in the catalogue available at ...

Vendita portafoto Arezzo

Picture frames

To ensure the pictures depicting the most important moments in your life have just the right frame

Vendita portachiavi Arezzo


Even a simple keychain can be sourced, but only if you purchase from Dekor Toscana

Vendita arte classica Arezzo


Many art offerings on salethat wink their eyes at the classical, with unique elegance and style



Learn more about the activities and history of the company Dekor Toscana, who have been active on the market for over 30 years

Oggetti d'arte Arezzo


Stay up to date with the catalogue, and learn about all the latest offerings

Via Campaldino, 45 - Porrena (AR) 

+39 0575 500219

Dekor Toscana's Video

Discover the craftsmanship produced and made in Dekor Toscana and severely Made in Italy.
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