The company Dekor Tuscany Porrena, based in the province of Arezzo, is the reference point for the sale of paintings, mirrors, picture frames and objet d'art



The Dekor Toscana catalogue

Dekor Toscana sells paintings, clocks, mirrors, picture frames and key rings

The works produced by the company Dekor Toscana at Porrena in Arezzo are fruits of craftsmanship, despite being manufactured using modern instruments, and make it the leading company for everything involving the sale of artistic furnishings.With a variety of options on offer, items in their catalogue are always elegant and much sought after.

If you visit this Tuscan company, you will be able to discover many unique products, capable of giving great value added to any home, because of the quality with which they are made.

In particular, the catalogue of the Dekor Toscana offers articles of furnituresuch as:


dekor frames

To take a look at what is on offer, just go to the sections of interest, and if you want to visit the e-shop and make your purchases quickly and securely, simply connect to the website .

The employees at Dekor Toscanaare available to provide information, prices and full details about the items on offer via the form in the "Contacts" section of the web portal, or via the telephone number: +33 0575 500 219.

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